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Run To Me 6/9/20

Steve Lukather and Mascot Label Group/The Players Club recently released a newly recorded composition, and today's Track Of The Day, 'Run To Me', heavily influenced by the artist’s fond connection to music from the late 60’s. Performances include Lukather on guitar, Joseph Williams on keyboards and background vocals, John Pierce from Huey Lewis & The News on bass, alongside Luke’s band-mate and close friend Ringo Starr making a special appearance in both the video and on the record itself. Over the course of five decades Lukather has placed an indelible stamp on Pop culture. Alongside his tenure as the only member of Toto to never take a hiatus from the band, he has performed on thousands of albums as a session musician. Details on Steve’s forthcoming solo album in early 2021 will be shared in the coming months.

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