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Rumjacks Punks 7/2/21

In the vein of the Dropkick Murphys, Australian band The Rumjacks' new album, 'Hestia', is due outon Thursday 12th March, and ahead of its release, they have shared today's Video Of The Day for the title track. Steeped in layers of symbolism, it’s a huge track about a girl who shoots down a personified wolf in an act of defence, wrapped up in their irresistibly infectious and driving brand of Celtic Punk. It's also a great taste of the album, which is packed full of infectious, rousing, pint-in-hand singalong tunes, and wrapped up in riff-heavy instrumentals which equally draw on their Celtic influences as well as contemporary Rock. Indeed, for the past twelve years, The Rumjacks have written songs that you cannot help but start singing by the second chorus, even if you have never heard them before! It's their fifth studio album, which marks a new era, as it introduces new lead singer Mike Rivkees, whose songwriting skills have rejuvenated the band’s collaborative spirit. The album was recorded under strict Covid-conditions in Milan, Italy, where the band stayed last year and created the album through August to October.


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