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Roulette Vultures 25/5/20

South Coast based Heavy Rock band Black Tree Vultures are the latest ‘must see’ band to join the Roulette family, and their 2019 single ‘Pull Apart’, produced by Grammy nominee Romesh Dodangoda (Motorhead, Funeral for a Friend, Bring Me The Horizon), is today's Video Of The Day. Indeed, they recently recorded a four track EP in Spain with producer Will Maya (The Answer, Raise a Little Hell/Breed 77), which is set for release in 2021. Formed in 2017 by Jonno Smyth (drums) and Aaron ‘Ham’ Hammersley (guitar), the band drew on their classic Metal influences, and with lead vocalist Celyn Beynon and bass guitarist ‘Ched’ Cheeseman subsequently completing the current line-up, they have added a modern edge ensuring their sound appealed to audiences from seasoned Metal veterans to new Rock lovers.


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