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Rothery's La Silla 29/4/20

"The band returned to perform encore 'Separated Out' from 2001's 'Anoraknophobia', which was additionally notable not only for the sextet upping their enjoyment by having a little 'Kashmir' (yes, that 'Kashmir') breakout moment, but also saw the smiling Rothery throwing a few moves around the stage, thanks in no small part to the audience participation and Mosley's brilliant drumming. After ignoring Hogarth's request for everybody to "just go home", Rothery was at last given his introduction by Hogarth to possibly the loudest recognition of the night." That was part of our take last November on Marillion at London's Royal Albert Hall, and today's Video Of The Day features the first part of guitarist Steve Rothery's 'La Silla', from his forthcoming crowdfunded album 'Revontulet', which will be released on Monday 28th September.

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