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Rory Gallagher CD Review 3/4/20

"These previously unreleased recordings, a 20 strong set taken from four shows in London, Brighton, Sheffield and Newcastle during 1977, demonstrate again his fluid skills on his battered Strat, and stand comparison to his own classic (up there among the best from anybody) live albums from the 70’s, ‘Irish Tour ’74’ and ‘Live in Europe’. There are of course some songs from those albums in the new collection. Like crowd favourites ‘Walk on Hot Coals’, ‘Tatoo’d Lady’, and the aforementioned ‘Bullfrog Blues’. It is interesting to compare versions; with his free flowing and exuberant guitar playing, he throws in all sort of freshly improvised tricks amongst the melodic power chords that make many of his songs stand apart from the predictable 12 bar structures often found elsewhere."

Today read another one of our self-isolating album reviews here, as Simon Green gives his take on Rory Gallagher's CD 'Check Shirt Wizzard – Live in ‘77' that was released last month, plus check out our Video Of The Day.


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