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Roger Daltrey Cliffs Photo Gallery 4/7/22

It was an unexpected, but welcome birthday surprise for one certain WRC member and massive The Who fan to boot, as we took in 'An Evening With Roger Daltrey' at Southend's Cliffs Pavilion on the first day of July last Friday night, so check out today not only some of Steven C. Gilbert's great photos, but also our awesome Video Of The Day of 'I Keep It To Myself'. Touring the UK with his musicians (as Roger put it), Daltrey performed an evening of Who classics, solo hits and rarities, both acoustic and electric, plus a Q&A, where fans had submitted their questions in advance to the legendary front man himself. With great support from Leslie Mendelson, there's still time to catch them both at The London Palladium on Sunday 17th July.

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