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Roger Chapman Family & Friends 12/8/18

"Chapman and band delivered a strong and tight set of classic Family, Streetwalkers and Chapman solo material, including the groove laden and menacing ‘Prisoner’ from the 1981 album ‘Hyenas Only Laugh for Fun’. Three classic Chapman solo songs from the brilliant 1979 ‘Chappo’ album, ‘Who Pulled The Night Down’, ‘Moth To A Flame’ and ‘Midnite Child’ were played proficiently and with tremendous gusto! Whitehorn set the groove and the band followed, with classy embellishments from Hirsh and Payn. A couple of newer tracks, ‘Habits Of A Lifetime’ and ‘Kiss My Soul’, were performed from the well-received 1996 album ‘Kiss My Soul’. ‘Run For Cover’ from the classic 1976 Streetwalkers, ‘Red Card’ album rocked and rolled along nicely."

Today read Steven C. Gilbert's complete take on Roger Chapman's recent 'Family & Friends' gig at London's Under The Bridge here.

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