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Rodeo Country 4/4/21

On today's latest Simply Country Podcast Of The Day there's music from David Curtis, Luke Purdie, Aishling Rafferty, Bailey Tomkinson, Taynee Lord & The Crookes, The Petal Falls, The Weeping Willows, Toria Richings, Cheryl Ann, Rodeo FM, Emily Lockett, Paula Punch, Harleymoon Kemp, Rosey Cale, Alecia Aichelle, Aaron Tanner, Larissa Tormey, Jacinta Byrne, The Outlaw Orchestra, Michael Farrell, Sabrina Fallon, Jack Keogh, Glen Flynn, Kora Naughton, Mandy Woods, Donna Carroll, Charlotte Young (pictured), Stuart Rolfe, Dennis Thompson, Jannet Bodewes and Finding Georgia.

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