Rockin' The Blues Review 24/3/18

"Sandwiched in between Hoey and Gales was the US future of the Blues, namely 18 year old (yes, seriously) child prodigy Quinn Sullivan. Unlike, Hoey, Gales and Lopez, this was the first time I had seen Quinn live - although I'd already liked what I heard - and in particular his last album 'Midnight Highway'. "Hello England" Quinn greeted the audience as his fresh faced young band opened with two cracking tracks off the aforementioned 'MH', namely 'Lifting Off' and 'Crazy Into You'. Further comparisons to Laurence Jones were inevitable, given both tracks "Crossover Blues" feel or 'Blues Rock Lite" as some might call it - with their refreshing Pop feel. My initial reaction to the opening chords of Hendrix's 'Little Wing' was that Gales would not be covering it tonight - but if you were in any doubt that this boy could nail the whole Blues spectrum, then Sullivan's awesome guitar solo on this classic proved that young Quinn was up there with the best."

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