Rockin' Robin Added To The Bill! 20/2/16

We promised you a bonus ball last week - so you can't say we don't deliver! Anyway, we're delighted to announce that the final band added to our BluesRockFest roster - taking place at Leo's Red Lion, Gravesend, on Saturday 24th September - is 2014 WRC Award winner Robin Bibi (our Track Of The Day). Performing an acoustic set away from the main stage, Robin joins headliners The Stevie Nimmo Trio, 2015 WRC Award winners The Mentulls, Red Butler, Jack J Hutchinson, Catfish Blacktop Deluxe and Born Healer. Remember that Earlybird Tickets are still on sale for a limited time here for £15 (instead of £20). WRC Members only pay £15 - so why not head off here to sign up for free.