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Robin Trower Interview 3/5/20

Today's Track Of The Day is the fifth episode of The Blues Podcast featuring legendary English Rock and Blues guitarist Robin Trower who sits down with Big Boy Bloater to discuss various subjects such as gear, his time with Procol Harum, his dream band, how he got into guitar and much more. Over five decades ago, the iconic British Bluesman made his first mark in R&B hopefuls The Paramounts, then forging his reputation over a five-album tenure with Procol Harum. But for Trower’s long-standing fans, the main event is his solo career, which exploded in 1974 with 'Bridge Of Sighs': the gold-selling masterpiece whose highlights like 'Day Of The Eagle' and 'Too Rolling Stoned' paired his soul-drenched fretwork with the emotive vocals of the late James Dewar.

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