Road Back To Ruin 10/3/19

Norwegian Rock band Pristine's fifth album 'Road Back To Ruin' is due for release on Friday 19th April via Nuclear Blast. The album marks a point of evolution as well as diversification in their sound, but despite the newly introduced variety this record is still unmistakably Pristine. Tromsö native Heidi Solheim, the driving force behind the band - plus the core of the band - Espen Elverum Jacobsen (guitar), Gustav Eidsvik (bass) and Ottar Tøllefsen (drums) - fuse musical as well as lyrical variety on all eleven songs that incorporate a wide variety of styles and influences with a great mutual musical understanding. Studio guests Anders Oskal and Hansi Enzesperger also add a unique flourish in the form of a Hammond Organ. May and June will also see the band bring back Rock to the clubs with their Road Back To Ruin Tour, but in the meantime check out their first single from the album, 'Sinnerman', which is today's Track Of The Day.