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Rise Up 5/4/17

"The title track 'Rise Up' with its opening line of "Wake Up And Open Your Eyes" sets out the message for this song very early, which is go for your dreams and don't get pulled down. The longest song here finds the time for a psychedelic middle section complete with female backing vocal harmonies to accompany it's consistent soulful groove. My personal favourite 'Waiting On You' is next, a very smooth understated track which builds nicely from a great opening guitar and soft vocals into an excellent song which would be at home on any late night radio station or maybe a future (sadly not) Amy Winehouse album. An optimistic song, tinged with sadness. A terrific song."

You can read the whole of Phil C's review of The Rainbreakers new EP 'Rise Up' that's due to be released this Friday here. Also check out today's Vid Of The Day plus don't forget that the guys are supporting Danny Bryant at Bilston's Robin 2 tonight!


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