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Rise Of The Dragon Empire 7/3/19

Since Fredrik Bergh and Tomas Olsson toyed around with ideas of founding a new Metal band in 2004, Bloodbound have secured an impressive fan following which increased steadily and significantly since vocalist Patrik J. Selleby joined the band in 2010. Their 2016 release 'War Of Dragons' was their first to achieve impressive chart results in numerous countries, the band played a successful European headlining tour and a big number of festivals. 'Rise Of The Dragon Empire' (today's Track Of The Day), due to be released on Friday 22nd March, is a continuation of the last two albums 'War Of Dragons' and 'Stormborn', but this time a clearer Nordic Folk music influence is mixed in with the typical trademark sound of the band. During the Spring of 2019 Bloodbound will once again head out on a headlining tour that will take them to many countries across Europe, taking label mates Dynazty and Manimal with them as special guests on the "Tour Of The Dragon Empire" – a huge, exciting “Swedish Metal Invasion”.

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