Rise And Shyyne 9/3/20

Shyyne are a 4-piece 80's style Sleaze Metal band hailing from Wolverhampton, and last year they signed to WDFD Records to record their new album 'Go Your Own Way', due for release next month, of which the title track is today's Track Of The Day. Formed in 2015 by Toni Gale, the ex-Surrender and Rezist frontman, and Mark Wilkins, the ex-guitarist of Roulette, and fed up with there not being any 80's style "Sunset Strip" Glam or Sleaze bands to enjoy, Toni and Mark decided to do something about it and Shyyne was born! After an EP and an album, 2017 saw Matt Freeman join as bass guitarist, plus one of the most dynamic drummers in the Midlands - Richie "Bev" Bevan! This literally transformed the band into the Shyyne you see today, and you can catch them live supporting D.A.D. at the Tivoli, Buckley, on Saturday 14th March, plus KK's Steel Mill in Wolverhampton on Monday 11th May supporting L. A. Guns.