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Rick Parfitt 25/12/16

At the junction of Westmount Road, Eltham, South East London - was the Welcome Inn, where, as I teenager in the '70's I attended the infamous Sunday night disco's doing that silly dance to Status Quo! The Inn burnt down in 2006 and is now a block of flats - but it was also the place where a certain Status Quo first performed with Rick Parfitt in 1967. Consequently a Music Heritage Plaque from the Performing Rights Society was unveiled at the former venue in 2010. Both Francis Rossi and Parfitt attended the ceremony (pictured) with Rossi revealing that at that gig they supported the band which eventually became Deep Purple! I suppose it goes with the territory being a Wrinkly Rocker - but 2016 has been a real shocker for those in music we have loved and lost - the latest addition yesterday being Rick. We therefore dedicate today's Vid Of The Day to Parfitt - the very last time we saw them five year's ago - strangely enough just up the road at London's North Greenwich O2 Arena. R.I.P. Rick.


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