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Rews Heart On Fire 29/5/20

Following on from ‘Birdsong’ and ‘Monsters’, Rews recently released their latest stand-out single, and today's Video Of The Day, ‘Heart Is On Fire’, in advance of the release of the band's second album ‘Warriors’ on Friday 7th August via Marshall Records. 'Warriors’ is an album for our times symbolising passion, pain, spiritual resilience and ‘rising from the ashes’ together. Lead-vocalist and frontwoman Shauna Tohill’s songwriting goes from strength to strength delivering a powerful, dynamic and anthemic collection of songs that will connect globally with Rews loyal following and their fast-growing army of new fans. Working alongside Shauna are Alex Loring and Tom Andrews, who together have created an impressively powerful album with 11 storming tracks that drive them towards new horizons.


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