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Rews Album Review 2/6/20

"The album continues as it started with crunchy thumping base lines and anthemic vocals, which does, however, present a danger of the tunes seeping into your sub-consciousness resulting in involuntary insomnia and humming along at 4am! ‘Love Hate Song’, ‘Monsters’ and ‘Play Dead’ are all capable of doing just that. The album finishes with a subtly more refined track - ‘Habits’ with a slightly less intense vibe, which concludes the album nicely and encourages me to flick the “Repeat Play” button to the on position."

Today read another one of our self-isolating album reviews, as Chris Bourlet this time gives you his take here on Rews' second album ‘Warriors’ out on Friday 7th August via Marshall Records, plus check out our Video Of Of The Day.

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