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Resonate 4/11/16

"Given the fact that 'Heavy' was a released as a public taster on Youtube at the end of September - my only concern was whether the rest of the album would stand up to the subtlety, production and sound of this quality opener. Step forward 'My Town' which continued to carry 'Resonate's' torch with Pontus Enborg's pounding drum opening and a to die for driving guitar riff and solo from Andersen - the perfect vehicle for Hughes to flit between a soft and hard vocal. Guitar feedback heralded the arrival of 'Flow' with another stand out guitar/organ riff and another opportunity for Glenn to open his tonsils - although a common theme throughout 'Resonate' is the unexpected direction that some tracks take - on this occasion the delicate mid-section harmony that builds into a awesome combination of another Andersen solo complemented by the amazing 'purplesque' keys of Doley. For mine the track of the album - follow that. Initially taking their foot of the accelerator on 'Let It Shine' - this track deceptively creeps up on you into a real ace rocker - again with the combination of Hughes, Andersen and Doley in overdrive."

Check out the whole of AJ's Glenn Hughes 'Resonate' CD review here which is released today plus see our Track Of The Day.


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