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Rejoyce Ye, Ye! 22/3/21

Italian Avant/Post-Rock band Stearica released their latest album, 'Golem 202020’, on Friday on Monotreme Records, and their final single, 'Rejoyce Ye, Ye!’ is today's Video Of The Day. A10-track recording synthesis curated from the full soundtrack of the classic silent horror film ‘Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam’ from 1920, over the past 20 years the band have also collaborated with the likes of Colin Stetson, Acid Mothers Temple and Scott McCloud (Girls Against Boys). Featuring Francesco Carlucci (guitars, synths, milltone drums, additional sounds), Davide Compagnoni (drums, wood and metal percussions, loops), Luca Paiardi (bass, synth, kalimba) and specialguest Nazzarena Galassi (vocals), the soundtrack was originally commissioned by The Italian National Museum of Cinema and the Traffic Free Festival and was performed in the Museum’s cinema as a live soundtrack to the film as part of the MiTo Settembre Musica in September 2011.

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