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Red Lion Touch Tonight 25/9/20

"Plenty of Southern Rock swagger and foot stomping runs right through the album from the opener ‘Come A Little Closer’ to the closing number ‘Something About Your Kiss’. An interesting choice of cover version comes in the form of ‘I’ve Got The Music In Me’, originally recorded by Kiki Dee (possibly a breaker into mainstream radio). It’s the ballad ‘See You Again’ that makes for the stand out track, falling a little more mid-Atlantic, similarly with the following track, ‘Before I Die’." That was part our take here on Bad Touch's latest album 'Kiss The Sky', and the guys return tonight between 7pm and 10pm to Leo's Red Lion, Crete Hall Road, Northfleet, Gravesend, Kent DA11 9AA, to perform a social distanced limited capacity gig on the outdoor stage, rain or shine - so bring appropriate clothing!


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