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Re-Manes Of The Day 14/8/18

Experimental Metal band Manes of Norway have unveiled the first visual companion to their new record 'Slow Motion Death Sequence', due to be released on Friday 24th August via Debemur Morti Productions. Directed by Guilherme Henriques, whose past visual collaborations with artists such as Belphegor, Wormed, and Hideous Divinity have turned many a head, 'Endetidstegn' (today's Video Of The Day) presents a bleak window into a personal form of apocalypse, the inevitable demise handed down by the vengeful Gods of modern man, vice, alcohol, drugs. Containing elements of psychedelic electronica and trip hop converge over crunching guitars and haunting vocal harmonies, Manes cinematic approach to music creation evokes curiosity and a desire to discover what lays beneath.

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