Razamanazareth! 5 March 2015

One of the great Rock tracks of all time has to be 'Woke Up This Morning' by Nazareth - hence our 'Video Of The Day'! So it's a great honour for the WRC to have the Dunfermline Rockers as friends on the NUMUBU network. So much so that the guys have told us about the appointment of their new lead singer, Carl Sentance. Apparently Carl (formerly of Krokus and the Geezer Butler Band) blew the rest of the band away in the space of half a song during his demo and he was offered and accepted the job right there and then! Anyway you can see the new line-up at 'Legends Of Rock' at East End Park, Dunfermline, on Saturday 30th May - where they will be joined by Big Country to raise money for Dunfermline Athletic F.C. Rock music and football - a marriage made in heaven!