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Razamanaz! 3 September 2015

The first time we saw Nazareth was at The Great British Music Festival at Olympia in London! It was a 3 day event and for £3.50 each day you could see some of the best bands of all time. Our overriding memories of the day were seeing Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance who had just formed after the split of The Faces (still going strong and well worth seeing) and then Nazareth lifting the roof off the place so much so that Bad Company took to the stage and just said "follow that!" Just under forty years down the line we saw them again at the Brooklyn Bowl in the O2 Arena, London, last night. At their peak, they were huge, selling vast quantities of albums and hit singles, pulling in enormous crowds to their shows all over the world. Understandably the components have changed over time a bit like Trigger's broom - so what was the verdict? A review and more pics to follow but in the meantime have a look at our Vid Of The Day!