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Raven's Metal City 13/8/20

New Wave Of British Heavy Metal legends Raven release ‘Metal City’, their first new studio album for five years, on Friday 18th September on Steamhammer/SPV. ‘Metal City’ picks up from where 2015’s hugely acclaimed ‘ExtermiNation’ album left off, packing an even more exuberant musical and creative punch than its mighty predecessor. Not only is the title track homage to John Gallagher (bass, vocals) and his brother Mark (guitars) hometown of Newcastle upon Tyne, but it also marks the arrival of new drummer Mike Heller (Fear Factory, Malignancy), who replaced long-standing drummer Joe Hasselvander after he suffered a heart attack (putting an end to his active music career) immediately prior to Raven’s Spring 2017 US tour.

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