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Rapacious 16/9/20

London based four-piece outfit After Smoke Clears are smashing the underground Metal scene, garnering formidable attention with their onslaught of aggressive, high adrenaline new-core pre-album 2020 releases, such as today's Track Of The Day, and their fifth creation, 'Rapacious', taken from their debut album, 'Edification', due out on Thursday 12th November. 'Rapacious' is the first of a three-part music video trilogy depicting the demise of the human race, from imagined dystopia into bleak reality. Part 1 focuses on greed, over indulgence of objects, brands as false idols, and consumerism. Blending Metal, tech and groove to deliver a powerful movement in their music and make heads bang, ‘Edification’ contains ten brand new tracks, sharing a journey through destruction and into self realisation.


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