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Ramblin' Man Fair - Saturday Review 31 July 2015

"Day one of the High Voltage reincarnation after four long years now known as Ramblin’ Man Fair took the WRC to the Garden of England and Mote Park in the heart of Kent's administrative capital Maidstone to be exact. There is no doubt that High Voltage has been badly missed by us Wrinkly Rockers so there was a lot of fascination on how well this brand new event organised by The Rock Collective and TeamRock featuring Classic Rock, Progressive Rock and Country and Blues music would go.. Never missing a trick, the WRC (well AJ actually) had been in discussion with the organisers for some time and after some delicate negotiations the Club had been provided with some Press passes as well. So AJ, Wrinkly the Silver and photographer John Bull gobbled those up giving unlimited roaming capability. Very useful!! AJ was preoccupied with pre-birthday events so the Saturday posse consisted of Silver, Wrinkly the Biker and his mate Rob and of course John to take his usual superb photos."

Go here for the rest of Wrinkly The Silver's review, here for our Saturday photo gallery plus have a gander at Video Of The Day from Sunday!

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