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Ramblin' Man Fair Review - Saturday 28/7/16

"6pm was time for the Zombies, a band originally formed, as they kept reminding us, over 50 years ago. This puts the members well into their 70’s, though none of them actually mentioned that! Only two of the original Zombies remain, but they are the key two: Colin Blunstone (lead vocals) and Rod Argent (keyboard and vocals). Apart from the obligatory couple of songs from their latest album, the set consisted of well-known songs not only from the Zombie’s history but also from the solo spells of Colin (‘I Don’t Believe In Miracles’) and Rod (‘Hold Your Head Up’). At 71 Colin’s voice is inevitably past its best and occasionally faded, but it mattered not - the songs were so well known the singing crowd was often drowning out his vocals anyway. In any case, Rod’s keyboard playing, always critical to the Zombies’ success, has hardly faltered; it was particularly impressive on ‘Time of the Season’. Of all the bands playing on Saturday, I probably enjoyed the Zombies’ set most, possibly because I knew virtually all the songs - but that’s just giving my age away!!"

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