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Ramblin' Man Fair - Day 3 Review 15/8/17

"ZZ Top were one of the first proponents of the video promo age, however unlike the stage set up at Wembley there were no giant screens either side of the miserable looking Frank Beard's (the one without the beard) huge drum kit in the middle, but there were the huge screens either side of the stage. However, these guys proved on the night that they do not need any props other than their beards and their cheap sunglasses! To be fair their choreography is so subtle but cool and complements their unique Rock delivery. ‘Got Me Under Pressure’, Waitin’ For The Bus’ and ‘Jesus Left Chicago’ got everyone into the groove before their first big hitter of the evening - ‘Gimme All Your Lovin’ - was delivered sadly without that shiny car and pretty girls in the background."

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