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Ramblin' Man Countdown - Ian Siegal 20 July 2015

We continue our Ramblin' Man countdown with a tough call as to who to see after first band Blues Pills. The WRC nod goes to Ian Siegal (Vid Of The Day) who is on the Blues Stage at 2pm although this does mean we can catch the end of Knifeworld's set as we head over to the Prog Stage afterwards! Decisions! Decisions! Anyway, Siegal is a multiple British Blues Awards winner with consecutive nominations in 2012 and 2013 for Contemporary Album of The Year. From one gig to the next, he might be a solo acoustic performer or a blood-and-thunder bandleader. Siegal is known as a Bluesman, but it’s just one shade in the palette of an artist who slips between continents, eras and expectations!

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