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Radio Hum 22/6/20

Egomunk recently released the video for his new song ‘Radio Hum', and today's Track Of The Day finalises a trilogy of visuals to accompany his 'Only One' EP. ‘Radio Hum’ is a dark unnerving track which builds through a blend of pulsating beats and interchangeably brooding, dissonant and infectiously melodic guitar lines, set against half-spoken, hauntingly hollow and distorted vocals which address the battle of inner demons. The video is a haunting animation, which has been created by Robert Beebe who has previously worked on iconic horror film Saw among others. The EP also includes the single ‘Islands’ that highlights loneliness and caring for the elderly, delivering an important message for these current times, and as such Egomunk announced all profits of the single were to be donated to Age UK.

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