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Rénovations Blank Euphoria 25/3/23

An Electro-Rock trio based in Edinburgh, consisting of mainland European members: Charlotte Pulcino (vocals and bass), Ioana Pavel (guitars) and Gian Sudar (drums and synths), Rénovations upcoming, self-produced, sophomore album, ‘Blank’, is set for release on Saturday 10th June, of which the band have premiered today's Video Of The Day for the album track, ‘Euphoria’. Formed in October 2019, and having previously recorded six singles, one EP, and a debut album, 'Blank' showcases a young band that's maturing with each music release and is rich, alluring and perfect for listeners looking for something different from the norm. Sonically leaning into Pop smarts with vibrant musical landscapes that sweep across classic electronic tones and powerhouse, earworm melodics: Rénovations lyrical social commentary captures a moment in time many listeners will resonate with.


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