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Put Your Hands Up 6/10/17

"Come On Reverend' came a cry from the crowd and sure enough Glover's congregation joined in the singing, complemented once again by another Reid guitar solo plus more of Wimbish's explosive bass - which concluded with Corey taking not only his jacket off but also his hat - exposing his pink hair! Living Colour then took time out to thank Stone Broken (who were standing in the wings) before they showcased three tracks from their new album 'Shade'. The irony was not lost on the Notorious B.I.G. cover 'Who Shot Ya' (this was the gun violence backing track mistakenly played earlier) given the carnage later that night in Las Vegas. Despite the surprising lack of many Black fans in the audience, if any track nailed the diversity of Living Colour's genre then this was it. Rap, another driving guitar solo and even a "Put your hands up" saw this East Coast Hip Hop, thanks to an awesome Calhoun drum solo, morph into 'Who's That' with another great Glover vocal, Reid guitar solo and Wimbish bass outro."

Read the whole of AJ's Living Colour/Stone Broken ULU London gig review from last Sunday here plus check out our photo gallery here.

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