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Pushing Up Daisies 14/4/18

"Rock is dead! Rock is dead! There is no great guitar music being made any more they say. Piffle, tosh and hogwash I say to them. Music has always been a transient art and quality will always survive. It goes in cycles with popular music being guided by the masses. If it’s good, it will be created by those who love it. It’s a bit like the way we listen to music. Vinyl, changed to 8 track, to cassette to minidisc to CD to MP3 and now back again to vinyl. And so it is with the music, it changes with the times and goes in cycles. So much of our current music is based upon, or even covers of, songs of yesteryear. Reports of Rocks death is greatly exaggerated. The life blood of Rock music these days is not the vast record sales of yesteryear. With downloadable music draining the funds from artists, they turn to live touring to make a living. It’s Rock’s ‘live-support’ system if you like. So gigs like tonight’s triumvirate of talented bands is the beating heart of today’s reviving Rock scene with the attending punters the life blood. Time to get donating."

Today read Mother's The Dead Daisies/The Treatment/The Amorettes gig review from last Tuesday's gig at London's Koko here, plus check out our Video Of The Day and our Photo Gallery here.

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