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Purple Slice Of Pie Tonight! 11/8/16

Tonight at Twickenham's famous Eel Pie Club at The Patch, 67 London Road TW1 3SZ at 9.15pm, there will be a coming together on one stage of 5 great musicians who are collectively known as The Good Old Boys. Originally formed as a vehicle to play live Rock 'n' Blues whenever the members were free from touring with their own bands, they have now became so popular that they are a busy touring band in their own right. Consisting of Nick Simper (currently with Deep Purple), Peter Parks, Alan Barratt, Simon Bishop and Richard Hudston, the band members have played with or alongside Johnny Kidd & The Pirates, BB King, Simple Minds, Cliff Bennett & The Rebelrousers, The Tremeloes and The Strawbs. WRC members are reminded that they can use their cards to get discounted £9 admission.

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