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Pure Reason Revolution CD Review 3/5/20

"The final song on the album is the monumental labyrinthine title track 'Eupnea', all thirteen minutes and twenty three seconds of it! Opening with the immortal words 'Breathe', it already sounds epic before it even gets off the starting block! Sustained Floyd sounding synth chords set the scene with diaphanous airy harmonic vocals gliding over the top. Rampant guitars hammer out perfectly executed repeating melodic phrases, determined to make their musical statement of intent to facilitate and guide the passage of the piece onwards through the maze of sound and upwards into the euphoric stratosphere."

Today, not only read another one of our self-isolating album reviews, as Steven C. Gilbert gives us his take hereon Pure Reason Revolution's 'Eupnea' CD that was released last month, but also check out today's Video Of The Day for their track 'Ghosts & Typhoons'.


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