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Punks Have Their Day 13/2/17

"All the anger, the passion and the drive is there - this could be their first gig. Opening with 'Know Your Enemy', Green Day unleashed their sound on an audience that were revved up and ready to go. And go they did. Billie Joe is all about the crowd, constantly exhorting them to stand up, jump around, wave their arms, scream or just generally go crazy. Fairly common stuff you might say but you rarely see Dad’s out bopping their teenage daughters. And rarely do you ever see no-one giving a toss about it either. The set was a lengthy one - two and a half hours including the encore, which all went with lightning speed. The set was sprinkled with a good mix of hits from albums past as well as the new material. 'Revolution Radio’s title track was a big hit with the audience."

Read the whole of Mother's excellent Green Day review from last Wednesday's London O2 Arena gig here.