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Proud North v Grimm South 15/9/16

Tonight it's a case of knowing your 'North from your South' as there are two great gigs taking place either side of London. Blues At The Woodlands at the Woodlands Art Centre, Gillingham ME6 2DU feature The Grimms (Vid Of The Day) with their hard driving, high energy British R&B with that 'feelgood factor'. Tickets are £10 and doors open at 7.30pm. For more information call 0300 065 8210 or e-mail r& and don't forget that WRC members get £2 off the normal admission on production of a valid WRC members card. Meanwhile, the WRC have plumped for The British Blues Exhibition Live presents The Burlesque and Blues Revue, a night of burlesque and music from across Blues history to the very latest tunes at The Proud in Camden. Tickets £10 on the night and again WRC members get 50% off on production of a valid WRC members card!

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