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Primal Fear's Apocalypse 24/7/18

‘Apocalypse’ is the twelfth studio album by Primal Fear (Video Of The Day) and another milestone release by one of the most loved and respected Heavy Metal bands in the world. Their previous two records, ‘Delivering The Black’ and ‘Rulebreaker’, saw them scale the charts in several territories and receive higher critical praise than ever, recognition that they have continued to raise the bar in terms of quality and musicianship, constantly pushing themselves to find new ways to better their previous output. ‘Apocalypse’ was recorded at Hansen Studios in Denmark with band co-founder and bassist Mat Sinner producing and engineering/mixing by Jacob Hansen. All three guitarists - Magnus Karlsson, Tom Naumann and Alex Beyrodt - shine thanks to Hansen’s mixing skills, while Ralf Scheepers again displays why he is one of the most outstanding Metal vocalist heroes of our time.