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Praying Mantis' Gravity 12/3/18

Praying Mantis release their eleventh studio album ‘Gravity’ on Friday 11th May and the title track, which is also their latest single, is today's Video Of The Day. After the positive reception afforded to the band's last studio release ’Legacy' in 2015, their latest CD sees the band return with another inspired, take-no-prisoners set. The album also sees Mantis retain the same line-up, with John Cuijpers (vocals) and Hans in’t Zandt (drums) again contributing to the songwriting process. Alongside founder members Tino Troy, Chris Troy and Andy Burgess, they have not only helped in the writing of the songs, but also in providing a new dimension in terms of sound engineering and overall production. A well established band of Melodic Hard Rockers formed in 1973, they

spearheaded the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement of the late ’70’s. Praying Mantis will also perform at the annual Frontiers Rock Festival in Milan, Italy, on Saturday 28th April.

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