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Power Of Trower 24/10/16

"No messing about as they dipped straight into the aforementioned 'BOS' - Richard Watts' bass intro on 'Too Rolling Stoned' kickstarting Trower's guitar as his first (and not his last) solo weaved around drummer Christopher Taggart's beat and Watts' vocals. And if his psychedelic Blues tones on 'See My Life' from 'Roots And Branches' did not give you a feeling of parallel's with Hendrix then I'm not sure what would - again another guitar journey that had you hanging off every twist and turn with Watt's vocal delivery the perfect foil. 'Not Inside - Outside' from 2010's 'The Playful Heart' had a hard act to follow - although another awesome guitar solo was punctuated fleetingly by Trower on vocals as was the whole of the title track from new album 'Where Are You Going To' - which proudly stood shoulder to shoulder with his set list so far."

Read the rest of AJ's Robin Trower and Stevie Nimmo Trio Islington Assembly Hall gig here plus see our photo gallery here.


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