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Possessed Steel Interview 31/10/20

Possessed Steel join today's Zach Moonshine Show Track Of The Day to play and talk about the concept behind their new album, 'Aedris', and take questions from the live chat. This episode also includes new and upcoming releases from Smoulder, Schizophrenia, Eternal Champion, Vessel of Light, Autopsy, Temple, Nervosa, Reign Of Vengeance, I, Pariah, Gravehuffer, Beyond the Circle, Gwendydd, Déluge, Graves of Giants, Victorius, Killer Be Killed, Noisecide, Epica, Diamonds And Guns, Divine Anger, Deathroll, Dark Phantom, Death Angel, Sabrewulf, Omegavortex, Lord Fist, Impurity, Lie In Ruins, Kvilla, Hombrehumano, Firing Squad, Down Factor, Deathroll, Black Communion and Begräbnis!


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