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Playing Their Cards Right 18/5/17

"The Blues influence of Paul Kossof was palpable right from the start of Bucket's opening solo on 'I Know Why The Sun Don't Shine' - yes Frankie co-wrote this song with the Free legend - an opportunity for the long haired Manzi to flex his vocal chords which he duly nailed with support from two more jaw-dropping guitar solos from Bucket and Minhinnett. FMFH were obviously having fun and even Ray broke into a smile on a solo during 'Be Good To Yourself' before Bucket took over once again as Manz's vocal, for an instant, brought back memories of Frankie in his prime. The epic Blues ballad 'Jealousy' from '82 release 'Standing On The Edge' with both it's thought provoking lyrics and another Bucket solo was immediately followed by 'A Fool In Love', co-written by Miller with another Free legend Andy Fraser. Taken from 'The Rock', which they recorded in America, understandably the Glaswegian was once described as having "all American soul" and being "the white Otis Redding", although FMFH's live version was more true Rock 'n Roll - with even a 'Paper Back Writer' outro from Minhinnett!"

Finally read AJ's take here on Frankie Miller's Full House/Southbound gig at London's Borderline plus check out our photo gallery here.

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