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Piston CD Review 28/9/19

"Newlands drum intro on their second single from the album 'Rainmaker', heralds a cracking vocal from Angelico plus equally awesome guitar work from both the Fender wielding Allatt and Edwards' White Falcon, on this slice of Foo Fighters high octane style Rock 'n' Roll, that deservedly got a lot of Planet Rock airplay on its May release. Based on striving to feel free, it's also one of two bonus tracks on the album remixed by Grammy Award nominated Romesh Dodangoda (Motörhead, Bring Me The Horizon). 'Go Now' is all about life's journey and making decisions, but despite its serious side, it's another catchy, Funky track that emphasises the solid spine of the band, namely Egan and Newlands, whilst another thought provoking track, the slower 'Carry Us Home', all about relationships, is a brilliant emotional riff and vocal rollercoaster."

Today read the whole of AJ's review of Piston's eponymous debut CD here, which was released earlier this month. PIston are also playing Archway's The Lounge (formerly Club Kolis) in London at 8.15pm tonight as part of their Stand Up, Shout It Out tour, with Collateral (Track Of The Day) on stage at 9.15pm.

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