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Pistols Hustle A Blast! 7 August 2015

The WRC first saw Gentlemans Pistols at High Voltage in 2011 corresponding with the release of today's Track Of The Day 'I Wouldn't Let You'. Four year's down the line and the band's third album 'Hustler's Row' is to due to be released worldwide via Nuclear Blast on 16th October. Vocalist and guitarist James Atkinson added "Hustler's Row is a cathartic journey through the last five years of my life. The album begins with questions of where my life is going and ends with me heading straight down Hustler's Row; on a turbulent voyage of the sweetest sufferings and the most inexpensive of thrills. The artwork is by John Pearson and it encapsulates everything I put across in the title track, that Hustler's Row is a place for freaks, losers, lovers and those searching for something more from life. So we invite you to join us on the Row." You can also pre-order the album on limited edition white vinyl here.

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