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Phil May 17/5/20

Today's Video Of The Day of 'I Can't Be Satisfied' is dedicated to The Pretty Things frontman Phil May who has sadly died at 75 after suffering complications from emergency hip surgery after falling from his bike. Formed in 1963 in Sidcup, Kent, by Phil and Dick Taylor, they took their name from Willie Dixon's 1955 song ‘Pretty Thing’, which was initially recorded by Bo Diddley. The Pretty Things were preceded by Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys, which consisted of Dick Taylor on bass, fellow Sidcup Art College student Keith Richards on guitar and Mick Jagger on vocals. When Brian Jones was recruiting for his own band, all three joined Jones and Ian Stewart and were dubbed the "Rollin' Stones" by Jones in June 1962. Taylor quit the Stones five months later, when he was accepted at the Central School of Art and Design in London. It was there that Taylor met Phil and The Pretty Things were born. RIP Phil.

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