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Pet Puma Get Their Claws Out 26/3/20

Pet Puma’s single 'Spaceship', released last month, and today's Video Of The Day, serves as the perfect introduction to a band who want to invite you into their universe, fill your ears with intergalactic Synth-Pop, and make you a cup of tea. The bouncing debut is laced in Cosmic escapism, and the playful 80’s kids TV show video to accompany it has a throwback vibe, with a hefty serving of ‘feel-good’. The band (John, Violet, Kane, Matt and Tom) was recently formed after playing in different line-ups as in-demand session performers or, in Violet’s case, success in the acting/stunt double world. Their diverse range of careers has given them fuel for their creative fire and a desire to bring some joy with their music; which songwriter and lead singer, John, infuses into every track. Watch out as Pet Puma is on the prowl and ready to unfurl its (perfectly manicured) claws in 2020.

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