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People's Vote - Part 1 7/1/23

Today's playlist on the latest Simply Country Podcast Of The Day, is Part 1 of all the nominated tracks and final top 10 in their Top Track of 2022, including Tara Henton, Shantell Ogden, Jimmie Allen, Michael Botte Band, Littlemen, Gulf Stream Riders, Toni West, Alecia Aichelle, TJ Walker, Reya Jayne, Little Lore, Seamus Fitzsimmons, Smith Sisters, Jade Helliwell, Dove Ties, Dan Washburn, Adele & Andy, Wild Fire, Victoria Eman, Louise Parker, Caitlin Mae, Sun-Pinned Leaves (pictured), Aishling Rafferty, The Heartland Roots Band and Helena Mace.


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