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Penny For Your Thoughts 15/7/19

"The album contains 14 all-original compositions recounting some of the trials and tribulations of life in and around the Medway Delta. A diverse range of styles are covered including slow minor Blues, shuffles, heavy and raw and acoustic delta Blues - with Seager, vocalist Adam Stocker and experienced session bass guitarist Gavin Matthews contributing all the songs, some by collaboration and some sole-written. Recorded and mixed in just three days at Ranscombe Studios in Rochester by Jim Riley (who remembers The Herbs?), the album perfectly captures the live essence of the band." That was part of our take on Bad Pennies (pictured) 2018 WRC Award winning CD 'Songs From The Medway Delta' and the band are currently on the look out for a new vocalist. If you can help in any way then please go here!

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