Pennies For Your Thoughts 13/5/19

"Matthews' 'Queen of All The City' keeps things rocking, all about that women who is out of your league - or is she? with Matthew's bass and Dave Two-Jackets drums driving things along very nicely with more great work from Seager and Stocker. And you take the man out of the Medway but you can't take the Medway out of the man - Gary's 'Midnight Train' - all about being run out of town - sees Bad Pennies all aboard and rocking and a rolling all the way down those Medway tracks before the band jump off the wagon once more on Matthews' 'Temperance Boogie' - another crackerjack - albeit its sentiment being that it can make a good man go bad." That was part of our take last year on Bad Pennies CD 'Songs From The Medway Delta' and the guys duly walked off with our 2018 WRC Best Reviewed CD award. So a big thank you to Iron Horse manager Julie Hamley for presenting the guys with their deserved award (pictured) when they played Julie's Sidcup, Kent, music venue last Saturday night!